Friday, October 5, 2012

Matters of Great "Weight": General Conference - October 6, 2012

DeAnn suggested we share some conference weekend traditions.

Our conference weekend starts with a new 1500 piece puzzle on Saturday morning.  We enjoy setting it up on a table that fits all of us around.  This is an activity that keeps everyone all together in the same room, hands busy, mouths quiet, and people awake. ;)  We usually have it done by the last session on Sunday.  When the kids were younger, they would do large floor puzzles.  This year the kids panicked when for a moment we thought we would have to go to the Stake Center and watch conference in Sunday clothes on hard chairs.

The past couple of conferences have been extra special as we have had non members join us.  Thanks to our direct TV, we were able to stop the viewing and answer any questions and discuss doctrine that needed additional explaining, then continue on with the viewing.

Fall is just beginning here in Reno.  Summer has been unseasonably longer than usual this year we are told -about a month behind Utah.  We are going to see the Salmon spawning today at Taylor Creek by Lake Tahoe.  Heard it is an awesome sight. 

We have "bear warnings" posted in our neighborhood, much like deer Xing signs in Utah.  Between bears and the raccoons we have to keep our garbage in the garage or we find it all over the yard the next morning.   I was out running the walking path and was about 50 yards from our backyard when a coyote came trotting past me with a hunk of meat in its mouth and bedded down in the grass under the pine tree. 

Another interesting sight is the wild mustang herds that roam around.  The first time I saw them was on the front lawn of the school grounds.  I was taking Tatia to soccer practice and pulled up in the parking lot to see 20 plus horses grazing away.  I mentioned to some of the ladies, "it looks like some farmer is missing his horses."  Knowing I was from Utah, they chuckled and explained that those were wild horses and they frequent this area. I have since seen them on a regular basis sundering down the street into neighborhoods, onto peoples yards, and in the community.-strange but fun sight to see. I guess it is an unwritten law-"mustangs have full ranging rights" because no one tries to shew them away and people just pick up after them if you know what I mean.

Been very busy with soccer, soccer, and more soccer.  Girls and their teams are doing great.  Gas is expensive here, we pay over $4.00, not as bad as parts of California though as I've seen it over $5.  Makes our weekly trip to California to play soccer pretty pricey.   Tad has put in around 150 hours the past two weeks at work.  Budget season is a killer especially for the new kid on the block.  He had a chance to visit Suzanne's family in Boise a couple of weeks ago when he was up there for training. 

Enjoy this weekend.  We will miss being there on Sunday evening to visit with everyone's family.

...Tad & Tylyn

PS.  We would love any visitors, anytime.


  1. I like your traditions! The puzzle is a nice one. Glad you are enjoying Reno.

  2. I don't know much about Reno but it sounds like you are learning some interesting things. It's cool to know that family members are watching/listening wherever they might be. Love and miss you.


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