Friday, October 5, 2012

General Conference

We like to sit down and listen to General Conference.  I say we like to sit down and listen to General Conference, because that is not usually what happens exactly. We are usually busy entertaining kids and doing dishes or crafts or, and yes, I admit it, catching a few Zzzzsss. Good thing it is posted online and comes to us in print in the November Ensign.
I like to start  conference a few weeks in advance thinking about some personal questions or things I want to strengthen about my testimony. I usually write them down in my journal and think about them during conference and after as I listen to the talks online. I've always been amazed at how my questions are answered. I write those answers down.
This time some of my questions has to do with all of you. I want to know more about the role of the extended family. Why exactly is it important to keep ties with each other? If this is important to Heavenly Father, then what does that look like for me? What does that scripture mean "that same sociality will exist in Heaven only coupled with Eternal glory." How do I do this? What does Heavenly Father expect of me in this regard? How can I be more forgiving and more tolerant of people in my extended family?  Does it matter that I don't take the time to get to know all of my extended family? Do they really know me and is that okay if they don't? Is it okay if I just focus on my immediate family because my extended family is so overwhelmingly large? What do I do when I am offended and hurt by someone in my family? What do I do if I have offended someone? What will Zion be like? What does it mean to be one? How does this involve my extended family?
I'm excited to see what the Lord, through His prophets, has to say about these things. I have a few other questions for Him and I know that in time all of my questions will be answered. It amazes me every time an answer comes. I am amazed and humbled at the love God has for me. I can't hardly comprehend it, but it is real nevertheless.
I hope you all enjoy conference whatever you do and wherever you are. I'm over feeling guilty about falling asleep. I think the Lord understands why I'm so tired. I'm glad he's merciful. I hope to be more that way.


  1. Sue, I sure hope you found some answers to your questions. i felt that I did. Most of the answers came in the comment by Elder Nash this afternoon." The future is as bright as your faith' and also by Elder Hales, "What does it mean to be a christen" I think the choir rendition of "The Day Dawn is Breaking" also cleared my mind and gave me strength. Good luck with your questions. Love Ya Mom

  2. Did you get some of your questions answered? I did mine. Love you so much.

  3. I am feeling so very thankful for each and everyone of you. some of you may have the thought occasionally that because our family is pretty large you are not missed or thought of, I want to assure you that is not the case. Grant and I have the ability to think about and love you very much all of you. Our greatest desire is to see and visit with each of you and know about what you are doing and how you are feeling. We love you dearly. I truly want to thank you all for the lovely cards, telephone calls and gift remembrances that you gave me on Mother's day. They were all appreciated and loved. I trust that each of you had a wonderful Mother's day. Love Mom, Grandmother, & great Grandmother (Maxine)


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