Sunday, November 4, 2012

News about the Bar


We have news from Texas.  Some of you may know that I took the Texas bar exam back in July.  Well, the results came out this week...

If you check this website out:
and scroll down a little bit, you can see my name!  I can officially practice in Texas.  That is good news because the firm I work for has never had anyone that they hired not pass on the first try.  Such a relief.

Living in Texas provides some hassle in being away from family, mountains, clean/dry air, etc. but overall Tiffany and Emery and I really living here.  The church has a good presence in the northwest part of Houston; that is where the temple is located.  So our stake here is pretty strong.

The church is true.  I am so happy to know that our Savior talks with prophets today.

Love, Gavin


  1. Gavin, that is great news! I knew you could do it all along, because you are such an amazing guy. I am glad that you and your cute little family are happy where you are and know that no matter what you put your mind to you can achieve it. Love you lots!


  2. Dear Gavin, Congratulations! We knew that you would pass this test.We are very thankful that this is finally achieved and that you and Tiffany can go on together with Emery to achieve other great goals. We love you all dearly and pray that our Heavenly Father will bless you in all you do. Love Grandma and Grandpa Weight

  3. Congrats Gavin! You are a rock star! I love this picture. We miss everyone in it. So happy for you and Tiffany. Have a wonderful Christmas. Let us know if you head this way for the Holidays!


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