Thursday, September 6, 2012

Letter from Mom & Dad/Grandpa & Grandma; 2013 Family Reunion Plans

September 4, 2012

Dear Family,

Yesterday Dad/Grandpa and I were able to go to the Ranch, thanks to Randy and Rhonda. We have not been able to drive up there our selves this summer because we are just getting beyond the ability of driving ourselves on the fast paced roads. We love the Ranch and have spent many a wonderful day in that isolated beautiful place.  This property was acquired by Alfred Weight (Grants grandfather) and his three brothers through the U.S. Homestead Act which required them to live there six months of the year and improve the property.  They were able to run cattle on the property and grow crops. Willis Weight (Grants father) and his brothers grew up on the Ranch and eventually inherited the Ranch when their father Alfred passed on.  Dad/Grandpa as a very young boy went to the Ranch with his grandfather and developed a great love for the area and later farmed with his Dad. There are some great stories about the adventures of their efforts to do those things, especially when Dad/Grandpa went to the Ranch on horse back in the winter to feed the cattle. He loved to observe the wild life. This carefree life style came to an abrupt halt when World War Two began. He joined the Navy and was able to send his navy pay home. He was told by his father that he could buy the portions of the Ranch that the three other brothers owned. He was able to buy three fifths of the Ranch property in this way.  

This is a dear spot of earth for us and many of you who have spent time up there. Dad/Grandpa and I chose to pass the responsibility of caring for this property and making it available to our family to continue using to our four boys. There really is much work in keeping the fences up and useful, in developing proper water supply in maintaining the roads in good shape for traveling on and other concerns. Now I come to the reason for writing this letter to all of you. Last year at our family reunion at Bear Lake Rhonda was sustained as President of the family activities.  She said then that she would like to have our next family reunion at the Ranch. Dad/Grandpa and I of course, heartily agreed.  We know the value of being there. We feel that this can be improved in a way to make it comfortable for all. The first thing that needs to be done now is to build a pavilion with restroom facilities with a shower included. Through a lot of hard work by many people, water has been piped from an underground spring that is pure enough to drink, to the area where a pavilion could be built. Plans have been made that would make it very useful for large groups of family members to gather and have a reunion. But, money is needed. So, yesterday as we were gathered up there with a few of the family members involved with making this happen, the inspiration came, that we as a family can make this happen if everyone will participate by contributing some money. By next June, when our family reunion will be held, restrooms and the cement floor to the pavilion can be ready for use. If each adult member of the family will contribute $100, that means each couple would contribute $200.We can then finance this project.

Here is the plan from Jared and Eric.  Prior to our family reunion June 27, 28 and 29 in 2013, next year we feel that we can complete the following: the shower/toilet area with shower toilets and sinks for men and women sides, also the floor of the pavilion.  In order to do that the money would need to be available by March of 2013. That gives each adult 6 months to save 100 dollars or 17 dollars a month until then. This money will be used to build something that will benefit everyone in the family as they go to the ranch, even if it is only once every few years. 

By contributing to this project we would all have a vested interest in the improvements and conveniences that would make it possible for small or large groups to enjoy the Ranch.
These contributions can be made to “Ranch Project” Maureen Bushman who is the selected treasurer of our family Organization.  Her address is included in this letter. UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL.

Dear family we hope this works for all of you and is received with enthusiasm.  Comments are welcome.  We love you all.

Mom & Dad/Grandpa & Grandma

Maureen Bushman, Ranch Project
331 Park Drive
Elk Ridge, Utah 84651

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  1. I will put a note on the ranch blog stating how much money has been saved and how much money has been speant. This will help to see the progress. I will also create a portion of the blog to specifically track the progress of the pavilion.

  2. I want to say how grateful I am for the work that has already been done and is in the process at the Ranch. Although I have not been up there at all this summer I am thankful to those who so willingly give of their time, money and effort to maintain and build up the beautiful land up there in Wanrhodes. Shane's family has something similar at the base of the Uintah Mountains at a place called Hanna. Although his grandfather who purchased the land and paid for quite a bit of the improvements himself has passed on the legacy is still there for ALL of the family to enjoy if they so choose. It is managed by his 7 children but mainly by the 4 boys who have sons and a greater capacity to do the work that is required for upkeep of the facilities. They do this out of love for their siblings and extended family. We too have the opportunity to participate in something such as this. I am grateful for the generiosity of my brothers who do the work and maintain the property so that we can ALL use it with a minimal donation to assist with building a pavillion and bathrooms with a shower so that we all can have a little comfortable place to go with little to no expense. I for one appreciate the efforts being made to make this a place where I and my family can go to get away from the hassles of the world and when I do there will be a nice big pavillion where I can get out of the sun and visit or just relax out of the dust and heat. Maybe there will be tables set up where I can play a card game or eat a meal and hopefully there will eventually be spots where a trailer can be parked and hooked up to water and power. Anyway, something to think about with all of the stuff going on in today's world. Maybe it would be easier for some if you think of this as a vacation spot, when you go on vacation you have to schedule a place to stay and spend money to go there. Let's look at this as a blessing and support our parents/grandparents in this effort especially after all of the things they have sacraficed on our behalf throughout our lives.


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