Monday, August 27, 2012

Jared Weight Family Pics

Last Friday we took family pictures at a neighbor's house.  Here is a picture and here is another link to the rest of the pics.

Well that is the link but I can't figure out how to let everyone see the other pics.  Let me know if anyone knows how to do it.


  1. Jared, this is a wonderful picture of your family. How about a copy to put on my wall. I was also thinking that I would like a picture of all the different couples. Such as our 13 and their spouses. And the married grand children and their spouse. It would make a nice wall to gaze at.

  2. Jared, this is a great photo. I tried to follow the link you posted and there are no pictures located there so I did a search for your name and it pulled up only two pictures one of you with your knee all banged up and the other was your wedding announcement. When you create a post you can include a hyperlink to your photos but you probably need to check the location where they are stored or make sure that they can be seen by others and are not marked private.

  3. It is Kerri posting these and we are trying to get the hyperlink to work

  4. Dustin, when I go out to and search for Jared Weight or JaredWeightPics it indicates there is no one by that name or no category so I think that the photos did not upload at all to picasaweb. Also, it may be that the site where the photos are is private and you must have a login to see them.

  5. Wow, such a great picture! You guys all look so great. Hope all is going well for your family.

    Rachel (Bushman) Biesinger

  6. What a great groupp of people! I'm happy to be related to you!


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